Peer-review process

All research articles submitted to the Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining (IBGM) are subjected to peer-review (double-blind) by obtaining advice, comments, and critical judgment from experts in the field of specialization who are not part of the journal’s editorial staff. The bulletin ensures, when selecting the referees, that there is no conflict of interest with the authors or with the theme of the research. The manuscript is subjected to review by two experts and their comments are sent to the authors to make the required amendments and corrections and respond to all reviewers’ recommendations. A revised copy is expected to be delivered to the bulletin by the authors, in which all remarks of the reviewer should have been considered. The revised copy is then reviewed by a scientific editor to ensure that the authors have responded to all comments. The final review is made by the Chief Editor. The review process at all stages should consider that the judgments are objective and constructive. The reviewers should point out any published research of relevant character missed by the authors and any unreferenced statements in the text. The editorial office of the bulletin ensures the confidentiality of the review process at all times. IBGM does not guarantee to accept all submitted manuscripts.