Publication at the Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining is free of charge. All expenses related to the publication process are covered by Iraq Geological Survey. The Bulletin forbids the publication of the same research in more than one journal. The authors are obliged to make clear referencing to any scientific statements used to support their research and all references should be listed in the references list. The authors need to acknowledge any financial support related to their research. Quotations of text, figures and/or tables from published papers need to comply with the copyright regulations of the publishers and a written permission from publishers is required. All authors need to be effective participants in the research manuscript submitted for publication to the bulletin and all of them should participate in the peer review process. The authors are responsible for the authenticity of all data presented in their research. The authors can submit their manuscripts electronically and referees can deliver their review reports to the bulletin website ( The web site is run by the editorial office of the bulletin.

Instructions for Contributors

▬ Manuscripts presented for publication should be typed in Microsoft Word and submitted to the secretariat office of the Bulletin (e-mail:
▬ Paper size should be (A4) with upper, lower and side margins of 1.5, 3 and 2.5 cm respectively. The writing should be (Times New Roman) for the English texts and should include the followings:
+ Title in Arabic and English (letter size 14 Bold).
+ Name of the author (or authors) in Arabic and English (letter size 12 Bold).
+ Keywords (size 10), not more than 8 keywords, preferably not repeated from the title.
+ Abstract in Arabic and English (should not exceed 500 words each).
+ Affiliation, mailing address and e-mail of the author(s) should be given as foot note on the first page of the manuscript. Colored personal photos with a brief C.V., for the author(s) are optional.
+ The manuscript is expected to include: Introduction, Previous Work, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusions and References.
+ References should be listed alphabetically and printed (font 10) at the end of the manuscript. All references in the list should be referred to in the text (and vice versa) using family name and date of publication. The following examples are for clarification:

Al-Kadimi, J.A.M., Sissakian, V.K., Fattah, A.S. and Deikran, D.B., 1996. Tectonic Map of Iraq, scale 1: 1000 000, 2nd edition. GEOSURV, Baghdad, Iraq.

Vail, P.R., Mitchum, R.M., Todd, R.G., Widmier, J.M. and Hatleid, W.G., 1977. Seismic stratigraphy and global changes in sea level. In: Seismic Stratigraphy, Application to Hydrocarbon Exploration: C.E., Payton (Ed.). Memoir of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tulsa, 26, p.49 – 62.

Hagopian, D.H., 1979. Regional geological mapping of Nahidain – Tinif area. GEOSURV, int. rep. no. 983.

Tables should be referred to in the text and placed after their first citation. The number and title of the table should be placed on the top. Scanned tables are not accepted.
Figures, drawings, maps and photographs are all referred to as Figures (abbreviated as Fig.). Figures should be cited in the text and must be clear, neat and do not exceed (15 × 25) cm in dimensions. Figure captions should be placed below the figures. Digitized figures are preferable, otherwise they should be scanned, not less than 500 Dpi.
▬ Manuscripts presented to the bulletin for publication are reviewed by scientific referees. The manuscript is returned to the senior author with the referees comments and suggestions to be revised accordingly. The revised copy will be checked by a specialized scientific editor to ensure that the revised copy is amended according to the remarks of the referees, otherwise it will be returned to the senior author.
▬ When both referees recommend rejection of the manuscript, the authors will be informed by an official letter, giving the reasons.
▬ When a manuscript is accepted for publication, the senior author will be informed by an official letter together with a copy of the accepted manuscript for proof reading.
▬ The author will be provided with a CD of the issue that includes his/ her paper.
▬ The Editorial Board is not obliged to publish all manuscripts presented for publication.
Scientific notes should have the same formatting of research papers, but without abstract and the number of the pages should not exceed 5 pages. Scientific notes will be published in the first coming issue, after being reviewed by a scientific editor.
▬ When referring to the bulletin, use Iraqi Bull. Geol. Mining as an abbreviation.