IRAQI BULLETIN OF GEOLOGY AND MINING issued by Iraq Geological Survey, Baghdad, Iraq

The Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining is a scientific journal with a broad international vision and recorded under the international number of ISSN 1811 – 4539. The bulletin is published in paper copies as well as online in its website (www.Bulletin and in the website of the Academic Scientific Journals of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ( The editorial board includes experts and scientists of local as well as international standing. Papers published in the journal are refereed by well known specialists from university and industry. The language used is English and Arabic.

The bulletin first issued in 2004 with a main aim of publishing the scientific work of Iraq Geological Survey long kept in the library archives with very limited access to the scientific community outside the survey. Since then the bulletin kept a regular periodical issuing of 2 – 3 issues/year in addition to special issues devoted to the geology of Iraq. The bulletin has widened its coverage in the recent years to include research papers on various parts of the world.

The scope of research work covered by the bulletin includes: Stratigraphy; Paleontology; Sedimentology; Structure and Tectonics; Geomorphology; Geophysics; Hydrogeology; Petrology and Mineralogy; Geochemistry; Engineering Geology; Geological Hazards; Environmental Geology; Mineral Resources;  Mineral Processing and Mining Geology.

The bulletin is indexed by Global Impact Factor (GIF) (http://globalimpact, Arab Citation & Impact Factor (Arcif) (, i-Journals ( and i-Focus (